The best way to fix the shop issue imo



That’s the tl;dr anyway

It’s a really simple concept. Impatient people will buy items individually as they please, and people that don’t think it’s worth the money will wait for it to be discounted or bundled. This way, there is no massive shop catalogue, no FOMO, and if we get to earn credits, we can unlock whatever we want, when the time comes, since it would always be available for individual purchase from the customization menu

Come on 343, it’s not hard to make a decent shop system if you insist on having a shop

Best part is, YOU CAN STILL KEEP ABUSING FOMO, so players will have a fear of missing out on good deals, but as it currently is, if they miss the daily/weekly item, YOU LOST MONEY 343. They might just be starting to play, and missed a past bundle. YOU LOST A SALE 343. We don’t want to wait months for an item to pop in the shop again, and you’re losing sales for people that lose interest from waiting.

Having individual items purchasable in the customization menu eliminates you missing sales, and eliminates the need for shop previews, since we can actively see it updated in the customization menu. You’re losing money by preventing players from buying what they want, when they want. You’re losing money from people that would buy items, if they went on sale. Some people would buy an item if it was a bit cheaper, but otherwise, YOU WOULD GET NOTHING FROM THESE PLAYERS. This method is a win/win for you and us.

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I… actually like this concept

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343 won’t do that, because they don’t care about being fair, they are the EA of Halo, all they want is your $$$

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You do realize posts like this are usually ignored? 343 literally doesn’t care if anyone has an actual solution. 343 deliberately mislead the players asking for 343 to lower the prices in the shop, but it was only a couple of items.

As far as I’m concerned, 343 higher-ups can stick it where the sun don’t shine.


Tbh, I wouldn’t be shocked if 343 was a black company that treats their employees just as badly as they treat their customers, since employees always keep quiet and seem like they have to watch their words in podcasts. Amazon employees had protests, but 343 employees just walked out and quit. Not sure where they draw the line. I’m sure it’s mostly the higher-ups in charge, and not necessarily 343 as a whole. Surely all 750 employees can’t be making the world’s worst decisions for a decade

Or the players who bought the game can have full access to the armour

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I truly believe the full basics comparable to past titles should be available to be unlocked in Campaign. If 343 wants to sell brand new stuff never in a past game before, by all means, I could care less. Just don’t cut out the basics and sell them back to us

You mean like how some of the higher-ups got called out that were being a mentally abusive towards the women employees at Bungie for the last 7 years?

There is a lot that happens behind closed does…

Microsoft may not fully own EA, but they own Activision now, so let’s flip a coin on how much worse Halo can get over the next decade. Bungievision round 2.

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I can’t agree more with OP. I actually came here specifically to make a similar comment.

343, if you’re listening, please for the love of god do this. I just got my xbox at the begining of the month, just started playing a week and a half ago and missed all the good stuff…week and a half and i bought the battle pass and an emblem…AN EMBLEM…because that one emblem is the only thing i’ve in 2 shop cycles that caught my attention that i could actually buy…and its not that there arent things i want, i just physically cannot buy them. 343, i want to give you my money…could you open up a path for me to actually do that? Could you actually let me give you my money?..


Since they bent to the riots and cut bundles into pieces for the shop, it now takes months to buy some bundles. They scrapped the angel wings and angel flames, but put the angel halo and angel movement effect separately. Who knows when I’ll finally get to buy the only actual part I want? If it were just in the customization menu, I could buy it there, and be done with it. 343 doesn’t want my money badly enough, because if I miss the week they do finally feature it, they lost money.


The thing is, there is absolutely no reason they could sell the bundles AND the items separately. No reason at all. Thats what ubi does with AC. They sell all there stuff separately, bundles for cheaper than the cost of all the items bought separately with some sales every now and then…the fact that a game studio was able to do something to make me praise ubi’s monetization, of all things, says a lot…

I mean it’s not a hard concept. Supermarkets do it. People buy groceries and items they want or need. If there is a sale, they’re more likely to buy items they otherwise would never buy. If items offer discount coupons for other items, they’re more likely to buy bundles of groceries they otherwise wouldn’t buy normally. People only want what they want, and people take opportunities to get more from their money.

Make the Shop Bigger and let us buy individual pieces + Individual Items through Specific challenges as well

Achievement and milestone unlocks like Bungie games and Halo 4 would be great, but trust me, you don’t want a bigger shop. The preview system is stupid, and scrolling thousands of pages of items in 10 years would also suck. Buying straight from the customization menu would be the best option, since you see a live preview right there every item you scroll past in the category you’re trying to customize. If you’re scrolling helmets, and one is locked, just buy it right there. No need for a massive shop. Shop should just be for featured items and deals that day/week.