The best Warzone Map

In my Opinion it is MArch on Stormbreak. There are alot of Ways to get into the different Bases and its great for both vehicular and foot combat.

Imo Battle of Noctus it just Epic to play on this map.

Battle of Noctus for me. Mostly because I tend win a lot when I play there.

Raid on apex 7 is the best for me

I love Raid on Apex 7.

I too believe it’s March on Stormbreak, even though sometimes they repeat it THREE TIMES in a row and it gets old fast. Also, defending the fortress is a -Yoink-…

Battle of Noctus is a horrible map, way to open! For the best Warzone map im torn between Raid on Apex 7 and Escape from A.R.C. March on Stormbreak is ok, just having a legendary from the start ruins the crap out of that map.