The Best Warzone Game Of All Time

I am really happy with this game, I got tons of kills, really contributed to the team, and I had a boost so loads of XP man…
Take a look for yourself, Jelly Bro?


Just as an advice, If the background picture doesn´t change while loading the game, do not use any boost, since the game is gonna put you in an already started match, and there’s is always gonna be that sad possible scenario that you just posted, and bye bye boost :frowning:

Gosh, Your so good. I dont think ive ever had a game go that great for me.
On a serious note, i hope 343i does something about this, cause yeah that is pretty annoying, and i feel your pain.

Damn sweet I wonder how many req points u got for that

Lol, I’d rate that instant victory a solid 9/11