The best/quickest way to win in FFA is to die

Well done 343, what a great game mechanic you’ve created there, in order to do better, you should die more. Don’t believe me, well it’s true.

I was thinking about this the other day, and then it was confirmed in a video I saw (linked below) from an ex-Pro player.

A combination of shield re-charge and instant spawn means that it’s better to go in guns blazing and die when your shields are low, than sit out the 7-8 second re-charge, and what’s more, you get full ammo back. Obviously you have to be careful you’re not dying to the top player.

With instant spawn, the shield re-charge needs to be quicker, the person you just killed should not be able to finish you off because of insta spawn. Anyone agree?

Its a shame really, FFA used to be a fun game type.

It doesnt even EXIST in H4, we get regicide instead, a pathetic excuse of a gamemode.

Give us back proper FFA 343, PROPER HALO.

Yep I agree, proper FFA would be nice. No camo of course.

But no one wants to die :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This was my first problem with Halo 4. I agree completely.