The Best 343i Helmet

There was a thread for the worst why not make one for the best 343i helmet in Halo 5.

Venater or Reaper


chirp chirp

Hahaha I have to agree with you. Venator is AWESOME!!! I was lucky enough to get the base warmaster in my 2nd req pack EVER and I have had it on ever since. The reason being, I don’t have the venator yet.

Locus, Venator, War Master, CIO…

Noble, MK5, Scout, Helljumper and Nightfall

Enforcer, Centerion and Helljumper are all very good armor sets. The best armors 343 have given us, in my opinion.

I got reaper, but sadly have not been lucky enough to grab Venater

Helioskrill! Or stalker if they made that…

Anubis, Raider, Hellcat and Copperhead.