The Begining of the Covenant War(Machinima)

The humans are digging up something that they have found, but when they finally complete the job and it is completely visible things begin to happen. A human base explodes mysteriously. After that a secret facility is breached, and pink needle type things begin to be shot at the humans. The humans are wiped out in less than 2 minutes. There is only one survivor, wounded terribly he works his way to his home that he was born at. He needs to travel 3,000 miles in order to get there. When he reaches another human outpost that was destroyed, he finds a warthog and another wounded soldier. Together they fight there way to the rest of the way. They stay there for 2 years building new armor and fighting the aliens. When there armor is complete they go out on a mission to save there planet.They two of them fight day and night surviving, saving, killing the blood infested creatures. When they reach the last base standing between the aliens and taking over the planet, the soldiers of the base and the two head soldiers fight beside each other. Many die, yet many survive.

If you want to help with this machinima message me(UNSC Worrior) (not Warrior with an A). I need forge builders, scene writers, body actors, and voice actors when you message me tell me what u want to do.