The battlepass is so blatantly greedy

  Come on guys really? I have some questions, like... 

After buying the $60 pre order why do I need to pay more money just so I can customize my spartan?

Why is there no experience gained for things like kills, multikills, headshots, flags captured or matchwins?

Why do I have to spend an eternity unlocking every single piece of equipment in a row with xp marks that grow exponentially?

What was so terrible with the system we had before?

Anyone who buys the whole game should get the premium battle pass. I absolutely will not shell out another ten bucks to unlock customization in a game I already own.

Those that are trying to say that there is still rewards for free so there is no pay wall you are either stupid or a liar. its a case of double speak, the truth is the free stuff is garbage and I had much more customization in halo 3 after 30 minutes of gameplay compared to what I have now after 3 days

these business practices are getting really old and obvious its depressing honestly. is this really what we have to look forward to? Everything being released broken with fake apologies and promises to patch or add content that should be there day one. Even then once you start to play you realize its pay to win, and if it isn’t pay to win its a pay to not look like a noob or grind for 3 months so you can have a set of boots or something. Then they act like you have actually been given a choice. when does it end? are you gonna have to pay to have game chat? what about pay to have a clan tag? why not lock out anything but team slayer for people without a premium pass? its a slippery slope.

whomever decided to use freemium mobile game design in Halo is soulless hateful person and people like you are the reason that the industry is a pit of despair right now, I think its about time for another video game market crash.


Never pre order, no matter how good the game looks. Always wait for reviews. Especially from 343.

100% I am waiting for campaign to be on sale to spite the greed. -Yoink!- sick of it as a gamer

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Remember gamepass. No need to buy till after you try. If you’re on pc just go through the -Yoink!- store instead of steam.

honestly would not have pre ordered if it was any other franchise, I already tried multiplayer and I do enjoy it minus the battle pass nonsense. I’m optimistic that the campaign will be good and they may listen to the multiplayer community and make what changes their overlords allow them to. we shall see. it cant be as bad as the aborted mutant Rockstar just -Yoink!- out.

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Oh well…
I actually prefer the default stuff so it’s pretty unimportant for me.

Sad to see you all getting so bent over this though. Hope you can find some way to cope with the design.

aint that just grand, you were the teachers pet in school weren’t you?

I’m left wishing Halo Infinite was a full experience for $60, campaign AND multiplayer and then the free version of Infinite was for those who didn’t want the premium stuff. So essentially, just two versions of Multiplayer. But no.

We get to deal with things how they are right now. I hope Campaign is really, really good. I mean it needs to be the best Campaign ever.

And if it is? Break time from Multiplayer until they fix every single issue and I will spend all my time in Campaign.