The Battle Rifle, and how it sounds.

I don’t really have alot of complaints about Halo 4, atleast on the soundaspect of the game. I actually like the Warthog, I absoloutely LOVE the Beamrifle, and well there are few sounds that put me off, BUT. There’s always a but.

343i, my beloved BR, can you fix it for Halo5?


Other than that, I think you’re doing things right now. Keep kicking -Yoink- <3

Lol yeah I found I liked the old sound better. Just sounds like a really weird machine right now, I like the sound better when it glitches right as you pull out a weapon.
You know how the suppersor sounds like a monster for a second or two, and the DMR sounds like what it is to other people.

The new BR: Squish squish squish. Just really put me off:P

I’m hoping for the old gritty BR. Sounded alot better.

Ha I actually agree. The Battle Rifle always sounded so beefy in the past, now it sounds like I’m aggressively hanging up a landline phone.

I prefer the old sounds. A little more oomph and reverb on them.

I liked the sound of the BR from halo 3.

Indeed. It went from a very intimidating force to a waterpistol. I can see it happening, I mean the AR sounds like a bloody 12.7browning with the low firerate and enhanced bass. They should just beef it by a tiny bit. It doesn’t sound worthy.


New BR- Prrft, Prrft, Prrft.

New BR sounds not unlike a wet fart.

Been sooo looong since I’ve heard the halo 2 BR…sounds like a cannon, and it’s beautiful

Indeed. I’m happy they brought it back, but they didn’t bring it back in full force. However, with the 4SK being introduced, I still have faith. Just tweek the soundprofile for the next game and it’ll be christmas again.

The BR sound doesn’t bother nearly as much as the sticky det, thing sounds like an old cash register opening.

Haha! Well, I tend to use the BR more frequently than I use the Sticky Detonator. That might be the cause. I’m usally so focused when trying to land sticky kills that I don’t have time listening to that noise. But when I’m xmapping with the BR and can’t land the last headshot, I have plenty of time being frustrated about if it sounded better it might’ave killed him!! Mehehe.

The one from H2 sounds like a fart. I like the one from H3. I even like the H4 one, doesn’t bother me at all…

I actually quite like it, it sounds suppressed.

Thats the old h4 BR sound, which became the third person sound for the BR, the actual 1st person sound is here

I agree. I loved to old BR sound. The new BR Sound to me sounds like a dog trying to bark after having their vocal cords cut.

Id take either the H2 or H3 BR sound over the H4 sound. No one wants to use a rifle that squeaks :confused:

I actually prefer the H4 BR as opposed to the earlier versions because they all sound like they’re skipping, like they’re only firing two shots and the one in between is a “pretend” bullet.

The BR in Halo 4 actually pronounces all three rounds and now matter where you’re hearing it, you know you’re hearing three rounds.

All-in-all, the new BR is a step in the right direction.

I think the new BR sounds beautiful, I much prefer it to the H2 or H3 BR

I have heard someone compare the sound of the Halo 4 Battle Rifle to a cricket.


I don’t like it, but look on the bright side, at least its not as bad as the Gravity Hammer.

From a distance it sounds like a rubber duck.

A lot of the responses in this thread have led me to believe that most of you really need hearing -Yoink!-. The comparisons are way too funny. Crickets, squeeks, dog with torn vocal cords… Lol