The Battle Pass

This is kind of a short and sweet post, giving feedback to the Battle pass. As well as my personal point of view, and feelings towards it. To start with, yes I have purchased it, and no I did not get the one that gives me 25 level boost. Though I wish I did, with how unbelievably painful it is to level.

I feel like this battlepass, to start off, is extremely predatory and purposely designed to be stunted, and anti-player. 1k EXP, even with the current 1xxp per match, is still 10 matches per level. Yes weekly challenges do expedite the leveling, but they also force people into certain playstyles. Which also, with every match I’ve played so far, has forced people to forsake doing actual objectives, and just stat pad/objective grind. This game plays exceptionally well, hell it’s probably the best Halo to come out in the past 10 years.

Take a look at other games, with their own battlepasses. Apex legends alone rewards you for both playing, winning, and also doing optional objectives. Making it feel not only streamlined, but fair, like it doesn’t take months of grinding just to complete it. I’m not saying do exactly what they did, you still gotta make money on micro-transactions. But if armor customization is locked in this thing, and you plan to keep it this way. You REALLY, REALLY need to consider player engagement and reward, and less about short term profit.

I WANT to see this game succeed, and really be a turning point for the franchise. And if the Dev team, in particular those who decide these choices. Genuinely care about the player base, and setting a proper example for the industry as a whole. You will seriously revise this whole system, into something that rewards gameplay and wins, over simple “complete the match” and weekly challenges rewards.