The Battle Pass

Why is the cool armor such that of Halo Reach locked behind a Premium Battle Pass content? I don’t understand why such content has to be behind a paywall. Come on 343! I’d prefer if we do the MCC Season Pass with the Season Points and stuff, at least I can unlock 12 things per week with one point each!

Remember back in Halo 3/Reach when you actually unlocked armor by playing the game? What ever happened to those days of playing the game to unlock content?

I understand from the basis of micro transactions that the Battle Pass revenues off from money and to support the game, but 343 knows better that the loyal Halo fanbase wants to be heard. I’m apart of that and I want to be heard as well! Since this is the “beta” of the multiplayer, can we get a like for 343 to see this to take off the price tag of the Battle Pass.

Here’s how I’d change it:

Progression is based off the Reach credit system, after a certain game/challenge you earn credits. You then use those credits to buy armor.
Leave the store for microtransactions only for the hardcore fanbase to purchase at their own will, just do not put the Season armor behind a paywall.
Challenges have to be difficult or above par with everyone’s skill to make sure they feel satisfying.
Kills/assists/captures, etc. earn you 25 credits per each

These are my methods for assessing the Battle Pass, if you want to collaborate/brainstorm with me, let’s talk about it in the comments. Thanks!