The Battle pass levelling

The grind in the Battle pass is insane, I’ve played about 4 hours and only gotten through 1 level. You should be able to progress through it by gaining xp during matches and for completing matches, not just doing challanges. I hate being forced to play in a certain way which I don’t want to or which hampers my gameplay and my teams performance


I agree. I have been enjoying this game quite a bit but the grind is very tedious. Me and my friends like the challenge system for battle pass leveling but think that they should reward more exp at the very least. I don’t think they will add the traditional Level Exp to the game sadly so a rework of what they have currently would be very welcome.

Also feel as though they should add more cosmetics to the game, all cosmetics that I can see are stuck behind the battle pass. Add a couple more helmets or different looking armor so everyone doesn’t look identical. I have only seen the red white and blue Spartans or the rich people that bought the entire battle pass already (you can definitely tell that is what they did off of the fact that after a day I have leveled up the pass 3 times).

Also don’t freak out in the meantime but my friend did the math and well… it’ll take over a hundred hours of grinding to get to level 100. That is absolutely insane if you ask me.

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Yep in 100% agreement here. This needs to be changed quickly. The progression system is draining, which is the worst thing it can be. Some of the challenges are also way to difficult to complete, an example being the Clay Pidgeon one. Sniping an enemy Spartan after they have been launched of a Man Cannon/Grav Lift is way to difficult for a challenge that nets you 300 XP. If this system of XP coming through challenges only is going to stay there’s a couple changes I think could help:

  1. Decrease the amount of XP required to level up
  2. Increase the XP gained through challenges and make them less Gamemode and weapon specific, I,E instead of 15 commando kills in PVP, 15 kills in PVP.
    However I would rather a full per match XP system be implemented. This system is far more rewarding for players. Moreover, it will be far less of a grind. Even something simple like, 100 XP for a match completion, 10 XP per kills, some XP for playing the objective, I,E flag captures, holding the Oddball, delivering Powerseeds, capturing/defending strongholds and maybe a bonus for winning a match. Overall Halo Infinite is a fantastic game which is so damn fun to play, but this XP system is going to hurt the casual player base, which is the opposite of what all of us want to happen, both the developers and the players.
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Bro same thing it just takes forever even with buying the pass

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