The Battle Pass isn't "Player Friendly" 343; it's an Ultimatum

And that Ultimatum is:

Play like a -Yoink!-


Get no unlocks and be stuck as a basic SPARTAN forever

And you should already know; basic psychology will tell you even. When given a choice between “Play nice and not get anything” and “Be a -Yoink!- and get something”, the vast overwhelming majority of people online are going to be selfish and ignore everyone in favor of helping themselves.

You can already see it online in the Beta; people are ignoring the gametype and even sabotaging their own teams to draw out games to try and get more progress on their challenges.

I don’t think you have a Season, or 3 months to change this 343. I think you maybe have 3 weeks, when the next Warzone map for CoD comes out. If you haven’t un-poisoned the well by that point, you’ll lose A LOT of players who want to be able to actually earn things while still playing normally, and Warzone will deliver that.


It feels like an experiment, really. Like this is another flight, testing a potential system, and letting us (the insiders) prod at it and find faults in it.

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I hope so, but am not holding my breath.

The feedback from the technical flights was reasonably unanimous (especially concerning controller aiming) and they barely made adjustments.

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I hoestly cant give 343i the benifit of the doubt with this battle pass, they like to make mistakes like they are indie but in fact they arent. Not to mention Halo isnt a new IP, better progression and customizable features have been done in the past. H3 and Reach.

Feels to me they are looking at everyone else again instead of building the fanchise they already have.