The battle pass and the tenrai battle pass

who’s idea was it to make everything tied to challenges??? This is by far the worst battle pass system I have ever seen in any game! Instead of tying emblems to one unlock they’re 4 are you serious??? What about the shoulders ? Oh yeah they’re seperate unlocks to create artificial game length for your investors! 343 you are terrible at making mutliplayer progression. You know who isn’t terrible raven software with cod and warzone. That gives you xp based on everything you do in a given match. This game wont last once caldera for warzone hits. you all have ruined the experience for me. This game isn’t a job and stop acting like it is. Im so sick of game developers not respecting my time or money and literally sick of it. Ill just go back and play cod where the battle pass is actually far this is absolutely greedy and absurd. Ive been playing halo since the original back on og xbox and this is how you respect me. I find it insulting even bungie can make a battle pass better than this and this is the game franchise they created. enough is enough fix this problem this new fanbase you got isnt helping anything either because they blindy accept anything you guys do without giving any criticism. Fix this now or im done ill play the campaign and stop that’s it. Ive already spent 60 bucks on micro transactions and thats the price of the campaign. guess you got your campaign profit event though im a game pass ultimate sub.