The bar has been set monstrously low

It’s also plainly persistant harassment and against the community guidelines outright, so I have also flagged.

But yes the system is so abysmal it must have either been created purely by corporate suits with zero understanding or care of player experience & perception, or it’s intentionally poor so that whatever marginally less abysmal changes (if any) they make to it seems good in comparison.

Its a horrible, dishonest, manipulative business model and is quite frankly a stain on what could otherwise be one of the best Halo games in the series.

(That said, I don’t know I’d call it that given the lack of content, progression, stats & poor weapon sandbox, though that’s what many others are calling it)

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So, the biggest question is why it’s accepted by the consumer to spend 60$ on a game that’s halfway complete at best…just curious when this became the norm…they all do it but there was a time when you bought a game and it was done and played as it should across the board…halo for instance, we’re going to buy a game that’s nowhere near complete at phase 1 then pay more money for colors and armor…what a scam -Yoink!- industry. I’m not saying 343 started working on infinite immediately after h5 release but they’ve certainly had plenty of time to make a complete game as it should work and run from day 1

Especially considering this game was slated for release last year. Idk if that was pure MS lies to sell more of the XSX, or if there was a huuuuge miscalculation in 343i’s ability to finish the game. But calling this “Beta” when it’s the full release & having such large swathes of the game missing (forge, coop, non-campaign pve, progression system, service record) but with such a predatory mtx system really makes you wonder what they spent all that time on.

Anyways I don’t think it’s the consumers fault for accepting this, it’s a trend in gaming that’s been taking advantage of consumers for the last decade, beginning from the Minecraft beta’s runaway success proving a game doesn’t have to be “done” to make money. Once greedy corpos got wind of this quality in the industry has divebombed.

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