The Banished clan recruitment

With the Banished. Always. Forever.


We are the Banished. The one and only Banished clan since 2017. We are a group of both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike that have come together under one banner to assemble an army, compete against other groups in the community, make new friends and ultimately, have fun. From intuitive role-play in which our structure and ranks are built on, to intense competition, the Banished has something to offer to everyone.

                         Join the Banished today!


  • Halo: Infinite multiplayer

  • Halo: MCC Reach add-on

  • A functional microphone

  • Discord app and willingness to actively check and communicate on it

  • Age 14+

  • Sense of discipline and maturity


Warmaster and leader of the Banished:
Xbox Gamertag: Atriox
Discord: Atriox#0001

War Chief and second in command:
Xbox gamertag: Escharum
Discord: Escharum#7581

Hand of Atriox:
Xbox gamertag: Hyperius
Discord: Hyperius#2699

Atriox’s Chosen:
Xbox gamertag: Siirvius
Discord: Siirvius#6195

Xbox gamertag: Kirt Fenix
Discord: Kirtus#1704

How active is this clan? About how many members? Is it structured similar to milsim clans? How similar is it to Reach era clans (ie, raids, bases, in map meetings, training opportunities, uniforms, branches, etc…)?

Hey. Are there trials to join your team. Please find me as Neo908241. I am a serious and dedicated player, currently platinum 2 looking for teammates to improve on ranked. I live in Tijuana Mexico and I have a stable connection. Thank you.