The Banhammer Strikes

WTF Halo? not sure why you guys are using this on me. I had some hardward issues with xbox’s -Yoink- power cord dying on me so i was trying to go to match making and my xbox is shutting down… but that was like two weeks ago, so i fixed the problem and go to play halo and now im banned for 24hrs? can somebody at halo explain this please or at least tell me what i did like buying this game???

Are you sure the ban isn’t for 24 minutes? Penalties are expressed in hours:minutes:seconds.

According to your game history, it looks like you idled or quit a few matches, which precipitated your ban.

1/18/2016 - 1 DNF
1/17/2016 - 2 DNF
12/27/2015 - 2 DNF