The Banhammer is ridiculous and illegal

–pointless post—

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> or get crybaby comments. .

Uhh… And what is your thread supposed to be…?

You must have quit a lot of matches or at least in succession… And 3 arena matches quit in a week? If you quit at the first sign of lag, yeah not great. Lots of people play in Europe… Probably your connection if anything… But abandoning 3 times in a week? Yeah… That’s a lot…

You’re getting temporarily banned for quitting your team mates. Not for buying the game so don’t try to twist the facts. And no to not illegal at all… Why do you even get this notion…?

I’ve never been legitly banned before on Halo 5, but I still feel really bad for people when posts like these are made. 343 seems like they love their vaunted banhammer and the only thing it accomplishes is driving away players, it should match quitters with quitters and that goes for the same with betrayers and the like.