The Bandanna skull bug

Since the games initial release there has been a bug with Halo 2’s bandanna skull that’s still present even after the large update. It goes widely unspoken about in most bug videos and forum posts but its pretty hard to miss. When playing halo 2 if you have the bandanna skull turned on it is supposed to give infinite ammo to all weapons. While this does happen sort of; by sort of meaning it only applies to weapons with ammo and clips and not battery weapons. The energy sword, Plasma rifle, Plasma pistol, Brute Plasma Rifle, Sentinel Beam, and Beam Rifle are all unaffected by the skulls activation. I am 100% sure this was not intentional as it works for the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Pistol in Halo CE. For proof that this bug is still present watch the attached clip below.

Clip showcasing Bandanna skull not working correctly:

Please fix this 343