The Ban Hammer!

Here is an old legend of the online Halo’s Community of Gamers. The good’ol ban hammer! XD here’s a story forya… back in the day, during the olden days of Reach. There were hackers and modders flooding the community. There was a secret “ban-hammer” map, rumored to be created by an ex-bungie employee. Though there was never any proof, this map was solely created by Bungie higher ups to, dramatically in comedic fashion, temporarily ban the company’s employees who were being fired or laid off, from every one of the Halo online servers. The map consisted of what was forged to be a sky palace, hanging out the forge-world’s colusium. The “gamer” who operated it was a hacker who claimed to have the map described herein, my(this) writing. He always introduced himself with the story of how he came to possess Bungie’s secret Ban-Hammer map! Claiming that he was involved in Bungie’s idea to create that comical yet feared map. Anyway, the map further consisted of a pair of forge blocks known as a “dish” put together perfectly, and extended over the land map’s ocean, under the main palace area, connected only by an extended series of “bridge” blocks, & coming out from beneath the main palace structure. An employee would be guided to this platform, where they would commence going about being layed-off/fired by, an unkown Gravity-Hammer wielding, hatchet man, who’d nobody known exist. This all happened in-game. it’s raining “lol”. The map was only rumored to exist in the company & nobody new what it looked like. Nobody ever saw it coming! Imagine how it must’ve been a mythological place, of such legendary proportions, for the average, community involved, Halo player(gamer)? I meet the only know person who possessed that map! He told me, "At the strike of this hammer, YOU or Anyone! Could be permanently banned from Xbox Live altogether, simply from a single strike of that Gravity-Hammer! I saw the hammer with my own two eyes, in-game! It was clear to that nobody could be told about this or else I’d be in trouble, with even Bungie! But that was a loooonng time ago. It is but a rumor now… :wink:

Never heard of this but it’s impossible either way for a client to ban anyone from the servers regardless.

Now the actual ‘Ban-hammer’ was comical when Bungie threw the term around during Halo 2’s height in popularity. So many jokes were made on Bungie’s forums.