Alright, I’d like to start off by stating the fact that this is an opinion so if you disagree just explain without getting all 12 year old Xbox Live kid saying you have -Yoink!- with my mom.

I have been a Halo fan since the very first Halo. It was the reason I bought an Xbox from Blockbuster back in the day instead of a PS2. I’ve played all of the games and really enjoyed them (not so much of Halo Wars, wasn’t my type of game).

SPLITSCREEN: Therefore I would like to ask WHY isn’t there splitscreen? My friend and I used to beat the game together on the SAME Xbox the night of the release. The excuse that I saw on saying that no one has time for that is just plain out stupid. I’d rather you say we didn’t feel like it than to come up with that pitiful excuse.

FORGE: Yes, it is coming, but why wasn’t it there at launch? No other Halos have done that. That is something Halo is known for having. Just like co-op and multiplayer Splitscreen.

STORY: It was good, but that ending was lazy as hell and not enough game time as Master Chief. Also, your commercials made it seem like there was going to be an epic battle between Locke and Chief instead all they did is was punch each other a few times IN A NON-INTERACTIVE CUTSCENE. No Flood…? The Warden was the only boss… LAZY LAZY LAZY LAZY LAZY

MULTIPLAYER LOBBY: I would really like you guys to go back to where you can see who is on your team, their level and their Service Records. Instead we get to see an emblem, not know who we are talking to and if their going to be on our team or not. Why is this not how it is? What made you think that just looking at a Emblem was good enough? It just doesn’t make sense an that’s not how Halo is.

MULTIPLAYER ARENA MODES: Where are they? You have 4 and then a mix. That is another lazy -Yoink- thing you guys did. Infected was a great game mode. You’re even missing the basic Halo game modes.

MAP VOTING: Bring this back, there was a streak of games where I only played on Plaza or some other map many times in a row.

MICROTRANSACTIONS: Even though it’s not something you have to do but Angry Joe has a valid point on how long it would take just to get all the cosmetics. It was over 600 hours and that’s not including weapons and emblems or over $1000 in cash. This is a MAJOR problem in today’s gaming industry. Why did you guys have to jump aboard that -Yoink- band wagon. I expect this kind of -Yoink- from EA but not you 343 and MS. It’d be different if we didn’t already give you the $60 or more just to own the game.

ARMORS: The amount of cosmetics is cool and all but I really hope for the next Halo we go back to earning the armors and what not rather than luck. Back in the day to have the Katana armor and all the others meant you earned them doing something not every player will/can do. I know it’s too late to change that in Halo 5, but in Halo 6 go back to that.

Overall this is a good game, a improvement to Halo 4, but not quite as enjoyable as the older games, especially not for the story. Don’t get me wrong, the story was decent, but I was going in it with high expectations after what was advertised to us. Warzone is a great addition to the game, even though I will find myself playing Arena more just because that’s how the old Halos were. This is all I can really think of as of right now, but I am sure I will think of more as I continue to play.

I highly suggest you watch Angry Joe Show’s review of Halo 5. For the most part, he is spot on. Just YouTube it.

Again, no need to get all upset cause you disagree.