The Bacon Legion Wants You (And Your Tupperware)

I’ll put the link at the beginning because I have no clue how long I’m going to ramble on.

I feel like a massive tool creating a recruitment post but it must be done. The Bacon Legion is a startup Spartan Company (That was supposed to be a joke, please laugh) for just about anybody, except the people it isn’t. It’ll be a place to grab people to hang out and play with for whatever purposes you desire whether it be acting like sooper MLG swaglord in Arena or just sitting in the lobby having heated debates about geopolitics and touchdowns. Note that these aren’t your only options, they’re just examples. I want this to be able to run autonomously so anybody can organize anything at any time if they wish. (That, and I’m kinda lazy with this kind of stuff)
There’s not really any preference of who you are and where you’re from, but I’m based in the US West Coast and being nearby will probably be helpful for server connections and whatnot. Have I wrote enough stuff for you to not read? Good. Just request to join from the link I left at the top of the post to begin your adventure in gaming, avoiding sadness and loneliness, and getting that free Req pack because you’re dirty mooch. Entry fee is an optional donation of 5 Tupperware for when we begin planning world domination. -Yoink!-, you’re not supposed to know about this yet.

Sounds awesome…and wold domination doesn’t sound that bad… >=)