The Assassin Syndicate is looking for initiates.

The The Assassin Syndicate is currently empty, except for mp MENACE 007, its veteran halo player/imperfect assassin. We have no new initiates and we are a few months old in the world of Spartan Companies. Join us, and receive both the benefits of being an assassin, as well as a few downsides. Being an assassin allows you to fight for the protection of the innocent by mercilessly killing all of their foes. The downside does include having a ruined title, but we hope to have enough assassins in our brotherhood to change that. Now for some other information:

-= The Assassin Syndicate is always open for assassination contracts. Give us who they are, what company (wether or not its official does not matter) they work for, and be sure that if the hired assassin is in an open/company raid, that your fellow or led forces know the name of the assassin, as they will likely be in disguise. =-

-= We consider ourselves friendly to: A specific private military, a squadron of ODSTs, another army, and all companies (save they have not offended any particular assassin with diminutive past-battle victory celebrations.

-= We are always considering and accepting alliances. Don’t be surprised if an assassin doesn’t fully trust you, its their on edge-ness required to do their job right. That being said, most assassins have potent untamed reflex.

I will be answering all questions via Xbox Live, and some on here. Keep that in mind.