THE ARENA ! take off jets pack

me and my friends always play THE ARENA but we always play against jet packers and lose, we all play bumper jumper and its impossible to fight back with are jet packs, so people with bumper jumper have a disadvantage because we have to press (x)to jet and its hard to shoot back while we jet pack… please you need to take off jet pack in ARENA…it will be fair if your team take it off… it will be more fun and fair…

Thank you i hope you guys take it off and the community will be much happier than before…

I don’t think it’s unfair that you play on bumper jumper while others play on default. Should you not be allowed to jump because default players have to take their thumbs off the right joystick to press the A button? Same argument. And not a very good one.

Personally, when Reach came out, I switched from playing bumper jumper to default so that I could use the jetpack more efficiently. I’d rather be able to aim while jetpacking than aim while jumping.

Of course, that’s not to say that the jetpack shouldn’t be removed. It still makes for horrible gameplay when abused. I think perhaps the jetpack should be left in only as a pickup, like it is in MLG. That way, an entire team can’t abuse it.

  1. your thread title is misleading. there is already an Arena Feedback Thread, i suggest you leave your feedback there instead of making your own thread.

  2. you have every opportunity to use jetpack as well. bumper jumper is a CHOICE and one that others are choosing to forgo in favor of jetpacking. you can easily do the same.