The Arena System

Is there an updated explanation of how the current Arena System works?

I thought it was completely Win/Loss but I keep going up in the Gold % even though my win % is dropping. So there has to be more to it than that. Anyone know the way it works?

Its, win loss, but its who you win against that determines your Division. Run into onyx players and beat them, Higher chance of you becoming onyx. etc.

Reason is correct.

Yes, it all has to do with win/loss, but its who you beat and who you lose to that really effect your division.

For example…Say you’re 15% Gold.

If you beat 10% Gold/50% Gold/40% Gold/5% Silver
–You’re not likely to go up as only 1 of them is higher than you. If you lose however, you’ve got an extremely high chance of going down because they “aren’t supposed to beat you”

If you beat 5% Gold/95% Onyx/90% Onyx/15% Gold
–You’re more likely to go up because the higher % gold and Onyx kids are “better than you”. If you beat them (I say if because you’re not supposed to according to this system) you will go up a lot quicker.