the arctic wolfs need you

We need you we are not a UNSC or ONI clan. we do not take orders from them. Legend has it that the great Roman warrior Achilles was the best of the best his mother dipped him in the river Syix. She held him by his ankle and he was unstoppable. We are a new clan and we will start off weak but that doesn’t mean our spirit is weak we are a big family come join us together we will be greatness. we will show you the way. We need you if you join us u will always be a member of our family we will not leave anyone behind we don’t care about your rank or how good you are we need you. we will help you be a good player if you are a low rank. our spirits are high up if we lose we will train and become stronger. we become stronger with every min we are on. Lets go hunting wolfs O Ra