The ArchAngels Halo:Reach Clan

Accepting anyone with a positive K/D ratio, and any battles.
We are the ArchAngels,around 30 strong, and I am the current Head-Councillor, in charge of our nice democracy for the next 6 months. I am inviting you,the reader, to join our fine Halo:Reach clan where you will never play alone and have to put up with annoying randoms in matchmaking stealing your kills or betraying for guns, we will make you better, more efficient, so you can have more fun killing all who oppose. The clan is divided teams, and I will gladly explain more upon your acceptance into the clan. There are no membership fees, uniforms, or mottos necessary and all you must do is:
a)own a nice, working headset
b)take a small course to show you a few clan tactics
c)attend a weekly meeting at least once every 3 weeks

As a show of sportsmanship, we do not allow teabaging (if you have an unnessesary desire to drag your balls on other guys, there may be a nice bar for you down the street) or noob combos (plasma pistol overcharges on infantry)

I hope to see you soon in our ranks soon,
Head-councillor and Commander in chief of the Archangels.

Be sure to check out our website @!