The arbiters allIgence in halo 4

spoiler alert

Ok so ive been seeing things on game information sites and magazines that have been confirmed (allegedly) by 343 that the proluge of halo 4 will be john 117 fighting the covenant. and i saw pictures of him fighting elites close range. so i thaught about the arbiter and what happened to him if the elites and the rest of the covenant ended there allience. anyone with information please let me know. you can answere here or message my gamer tag Erock Snips. Thanks

There are still the Covenant loyalist Elites ofcourse. Then we have Arbiter and he’s followers being… separatists?

Well the Covenant has never encompassed all of their race, just as the UNSC is not all of humanity.

In Halo 2 you fought the covenant rebels in the minority, now it seems likely the ‘rebles’ or separatists will be in the majority considering how overwhelming the covenant defeat has been. But no religious organisation like the Covenant would just disband because they are built of blind belief and devotion.

As i said, humanity have their own rebels and arguably more than the Covenant has considering that we has to create the Spartans to beat them back originally. So one race will never be under one banner completely.

Getting back to your original point, it would seem that the elites are now split, with the most fanatical followers of the covenant still in it and possibly now leading it as the brutes and prophets are gone. And the rest of the race withdrawing, possibly completely, from the conflict? Since they don’t appear to be joining you in the campaign.

So maybe they withdrew to recover from the battle?

The Sangheili, much like America, have split along liberal/conservative lines. One half (Thel’s side) want a progressive alliance with the UNSC. The others want to go back to their pre-Covenant theocracy and are more xenophobic.