The Anunnaki actively recruiting

The Anunnaki is actively recruiting. We are a military-based clan and we have three divisions along with four subdivisions. Embedded within each of these divisions are a military ranking system Private-General. We are a brotherhood based on a chain of command. We have a small set of rules to abide by, in order to function properly as a clan. Nothing too strict. We have 2 game nights a week, a meeting each week, along with a training program and RSA each week. Training pprogram err am is not required but for those who would like to improve their skills. I have a set list of jobs with descriptive duties that eachplayer can obtain once they have reach corporal (usually two weeks). We are looking to grow large and strong and our structure can withhold such empire. If you are interested in becoming a part, I will gladly speak with you. Halo 4.
GT- Brent McKenley

What happened to the other clan you were recruiting for?

The Nephilim are allies