The announcer for Halo 4

Dont know if this has been said, but it has been confirmed that Jeff is gonna return as the voice for “Double kill, killing spree” etc.

He said on Facebook a while back that he had just got done a voice recording session, so yeah.


Yeah it actually pretty much has. Not directly, but Downes did the trailer voice, and has talked about the Halo 4 Chief’s character in the past.

Though he may have confirmed it before, not sure…

This is known. The Voice of MasterChief though has not been confirmed. :frowning:

Alright, my mistake. Let this thread die.

It would be awesome if Bill Nye did the announcer

But I like that guy to

I hope you guys are right. Wouldn’t be Halo without him…as sad as that sounds, you know it to be true.