The amount of complaints is sad

It’s obvious people are ungrateful on the game when in fact since the beta came out felt like halo 3 through and through, getting out of hand and it’s killing the game aka 343 might not do player feedback if this continues, they heard us the first time, the AR is the same as it was since halo 3.and halo reach Days,

The progression is obvious and they are sorting that and the shades and the customizations I hope

I will repeat, if we continue to complain and ungrateful 343 will end up not listening to us anymore

Edit: I’m actually talking about the ones that arnt giving constructive critism and just down right complaining

I think people are starting to get the wrong end of the stick here

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I think feedback is important for change although it displeases me seeing how some people are going about it, huge lack of anything constructive. There is definitely a sense of ungratefulness and entitlement from players too.

Gameplay is great, which is important. They have very solid foundations for the future of the game.


I agree with what you said, feedback should be like you said constructive rather then going on and on about that said thing then nit pick everything else I love everything about the multiplayer it gives me past memory’s on how I used to play

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^Stop assuming (this is the only response, nothing obvious here. ttps://

Also contruct criticism is not on the same level as insulting one liners/complaints.

As a dev, I would be grateful with all this feedback to evaluate the situation to respective seniors/managers (think of the recent “fake community update” thread on reddit or the “a compromise that works for everyone”)

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It actually was said almost a week ago, the perfection daily is just there as a backup till launch day, and they have heard us loud and clear and agree on what you say, but I’m not assuming anything

There is plenty to be concerned with in Infinite & people are giving feedback as you’re encouraged to do so.

Let’s not lump the bad actors in with the majority of people who are giving constructive feedback on a franchise they love.

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So what your saying is we should just bend over and spread our cheeks for companies? Do we thank them afterwards for taking us for idiots?

Genuine complaints and criticism is part of any business. And I’m glad a lot of people are speaking up about the predatory nature of the game. Just because it’s free to play doesn’t mean they have the right to treat it’s fans and players like cash machines.

Also there are alot of bugs glitches and imbalances in the game that if people didn’t speak out would never be brought to they attention of the devs to be looked at and fixed.

People like yourself are why we are left with a gaming industry that thinks it’s their right to get as much cash from us as possible regardless of the consequences.


You acting like you don’t have free will lmao.

They do it because it works.


Bold of you to assume of the intentions of the said topic

I’m not denying that

Look, just because you’re getting Shades of Halo 3 (which I personally find odd; this game is very little like Halo 3), doesn’t mean criticism of it (even the non-constructive) isn’t valid. A lot of people are unhappy, and they’ve justification to be.

Mix of halo 3 and halo reach personally and why would you find that odd lol

Not assuming anything. Just because somethings free doesn’t mean it can’t receive criticism. You saying if we keep complaining it will kill the game. They have invested a lot of cash into this a few complaints won’t make them say “oh the community don’t like the game. Let’s just stop and switch off the servers.”

Oh man I don’t think you understand on what I’m trying to say tbf

I’m having a great time playing except for a crash now and again. As far as rank up and pretty armor, I’m not here for a fashion show.

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Because it’s not there. Just because John-117 kind of looks like he did in Halo 3 does not mean this is a “Return To Form” (to be clear, there’s no such thing) and that this game is a “True Followup to Halo 3”. Or Reach, which is even weirder to see paired with Halo 3, as I vividly remember when it was the most hated of the franchise.

  • Neither game had native, unlimited Sprint.
  • Neither had clambering or sliding.
  • Several weapons now have disruptive recoil, rather than bloom and spread, which was not present in Halo 3 or Reach, and requires players to manage their aim more.
  • Equipment behaves very differently than it did in Halo 3, with some (like the Grappleshot) completely changing movement dynamics more than any other Halo game.
  • Vehicles function differently than either game
  • The environment (e.g. Fusion Coils) is able to be interacted with in new ways

Are there similarities here and there? Probably, sure. But the game as a whole plays nothing like either preceding title.


It does to me halo 3 vibes when you shoot the ar at mid range then melee for a kill classic halo 3 kill there

That’s been present in every single Halo game. I could (and have) done that in Halo Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5. It’s very weird to isolate that experience to Halo 3, and hang the crux of the claim that there are “Halo 3 vibes” on it.

I think you are able to summarize main complaints. There are two: system of monetization + BattlePass and Challenges. Other complaints are individual and partial = important only for individuals or less important to maintain/improve gameplay.

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I agree, just the limited customization is tad bit annoying

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