The Akatsukie

i am recruiting new members for the clan i am in called the akatsukie. In the clan the akatsukie we have squads,my squad is called the dark exiled. i have the best squad in the whole clan. it would be an awesome choice to join the clan and my squad because you will be playing with people who are excellent and we will win,over and over

Hey, I’m not interested in joining any clans at the moment, but I was wondering if your group would like to scrimmage my friends and me sometime using 4v4 MLG settings. Thanks.

My gamertag: Itaniium

okay, i guess we can scrimmage sometime but i am warning you we never do MLG so it will be like a new thing for us so dont you no, expect us to win. But yea, it will be fun though

My Gamertag Dark Kakuzu123