The AI have learned to rush

Yesterday, I did my first 1v1 skirmish match. I was fresh out of the tutorial, and confident that I could handle an AI on normal difficulty. I played the first Halo Wars and pretty much mastered it, so I assumed this wouldn’t be much different. I was wrong. As soon as I started, I built a jackrabbit and sent it to get supplies. While I struggled to set up a steady flow of supplies and power, I noticed some choppers headed straight for my base! I rushed to build some cyclopses, but it was too late. How has the AI become so corrupt as to rush a poor n00b like me? Players are understandable, but AI?

Rushes are legitimate strats that force resources to be invested in scouting and general defenses early to prevent cancerous macro expansion

The AI is programmed to use legitimate strats

The AI is programmed to rush, sometimes

You know I did the same thing but instead of skirmish I did the versus ai (that are heroic ai) safe to say out of all the strongholds available we only manage to keep hold of one strong hold throughout out that entire game haha.

In HW1 on Legendary difficutly in Skirmish, the AI would rush you.

What I like in the Campaign (which I did play on Normal), the AI will send sometimes send small squads or a couple Banshees to attack your base. It really threw me off the first time it happened, but it made me prepare better if it were to happen again. And plus, it makes turrets feel much more useful in the Campaign than they ever were in HW1’s Campaign.