The Adventures of Wake

So while I’m waiting to get on the survivors, I think I’m going to give my character some backstory.

My name is Micah Hoffmann, and I like to think that I’m the best pilot in the galaxy. In 2554, I bought an old New Mombassa Police Pelican from some ex-ODST named Jessie Adams. He, his wife Anna, and his Elite friend Nova also gave me a free A.I. named Melvin. I decided to keep the Pelican’s name, Sloppy Joe just because it sounds like something I would have named it. After I left earth, I headed out for adventure! I signed on with a pirate gang known as the Ark Raiders, but after some complications with a radical Sangheli group known as the Prophet’s Justice, a powerful, underground Insurrectionest group who called themselves the NHAR, and the ONI itself, I left the group. And that’s how I became a freelance weapons smuggler.

“These weapons are garbage! They’re all used and dented! I won’t even pay you half!” A big man says to a guy sitting in an office chair. “You insult me…” The man in the office chair says, he has sandy-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, “There are the best M392’s this side of Reach. 20,000 credits.” He smirks. The big man growls, “are you calling me a liar?” “Are you calling me a con man?” the young man retorts. The big guy pauses for a moment and then smiles, “I’ll change my offer, I don’t think I’m going to pay you anything. I will give a small contribution to you funeral costs though.” The young man stands up, “And that, my friend, is my cue to leave. Keep the weapons, free of charge, for an old buddy.” One of the big guys henchmen steps forward and catches the man. “Oh, it’s too late for that. We want to make sure that a bad man like you doesn’t cause anyone else trouble. We’re doing the galaxy a small favor.” The other henchmam picks up one of the DMR’s, loads it, and points it at him. BLAM! The henchman holding the young man’s arm falls to the ground holding his knee. BLAM! BLAM! The big man and the one with the DMR do the same. A man in a black trench coat steps out of the shadows. “Let’s go before they recover from the shock,” he says. But the one with the DMR is already sitting up and points it at the two men. He pulls the trigger… It blows up, taking part of the mans face with it. “Pretty nifty.” The young man says. The two men run out to a Police Pelican. They get in and shut the gate behind then. Jerome, why’d you come to save me and how did you even find me?" The young man asks, powering up the ship.

“I’ve gotten pretty good at tracking. And I’m here to collect… You still owe me for the last two jobs.” The young man pauses, “I don’t have your money yet.” Jerome frowns, “Wrong answer, that’s what you told me the last three times I tried to contact you.” He pulls out his magnum and points it at the young man. “Micah, we’re going to get that money.” Micah puts his hands into the air slowly, “Hey, my assets are back inside that building if you want to go in and get them? Festus may not be too happy to see you again?” "Jerome puts his hand on the trigger, “I’ve seen enough of your tricks, let’s…” The cockpit starts to fill with gas. Micah already has one hand over his nose and the other on Jerome’s magnum. “No offense.”

The Sloppy Joe’s gate opens and Jerome goes flying out. Then the Pelican starts to lift off. Jerome struggles to his feet coughing, “It’s not over Wake! I did you a lot of favors, and now it’s time you paid me back in full… With your life!” But his ranting is useless, the Pelican is already taking off into the beyond. "I swear Wake, you’re a dead man!

Micah sits back down in the cockpit seat and hacks a little as the gas dissipates. “I knew that would come in handy some day, thanks Melvin.” “It was my pleasure, I don’t believe we’ll be seeing Mr. Jerome again anytime soon.” The A.I. voice responds, “You should have just payed him.” Micah is piloting the ship out towards space, “I wasn’t lying, we’re broke and my money and the weapons are down there at Festus’s warehouse.” “That reminds me,” the Melvin says, “Cobalt wanted you to contact him as soon as the trade was completed.” Micah pauses for a second, “Oh boy. We’ll… Uhhh… Do it as soon as we get outside of the atmosphere.” The Pelican flies farther from the colony until he can see the whole planet. “Melvin, put Biko on my list of planets not to visit again.” “Do you want it after or before Chi Ceti II?” The A.I. answers sarcastically. “Very funny… Chi Ceti II is on the list though, right? Remember what happened with those Uggnoy Merchants.” “I can’t forget,” Melvin says, “You still have the scar.” Micah rubs his back, “That I do buddy.” There is a moment of silence. “Now about Cobalt…” Micah sighs

The image of someone in FOTUS armor flickers to life. “Ah Wake, I assume everything went as planned. You have the assets?” “Cobalt, buddy, pal, things didn’t exactly go as planned… We never should have trusted Festus, as soon as we got there he said he wouldn’t pay me and tried to kill me.” Cobalt’ expression is unreadable behind his mask but his tone is readable. “We talked about this last time Wake, remember? We said you couldn’t botch another order. I’ll see if I can get you cleared but we can’t afford to keep doing this. I can’t afford to keep doing this. You definitely can’t afford to keep doing this, understand.” Micah clears his throat, “I read you loud and clear. Thanks again Cobalt, I’m going to pay you back somehow.” Cobalt begins to fade away, “I know.”

“Everyone hates me!” Micah says throwing his hands into the air. “I like you, sir.” Melvin says. “Well, yeah… But you’re going to be rampant in what, two years?” “One and a Half.” Melvin says depressingly.