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What is fanfiction?
Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic or fic) is fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator. It is a popular form of fan labor, particularly since the advent of the internet.

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Where can I find these stories?

There are many sites you can find them, and their are a surprising amount for Halo. For my personal ones go here: Sadly, my old account got banned so I don’t have any stories on this one, although I didn’t have any good ones on the other anyway >_<

Your fanfiction sucks.
Welp. Tell me whats wrong, and I’ll work to fix it!

Can I help?
If you REALLY want to help feel free to ask, although I’d need your Skype, and you’d need to prove to me you’re a good writer.

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Please visit my character application thread here:


OC: Original Character
IC: In character, used in roleplay
OOC: Out of character, used in roleplay
AU: Alternate Universe (Mine is in the same universe)
BACKSTORY: Self explanatory
BETA: When a fanfiction author asks someone to review a beta version of their work. I will be doing A LOT of this on here
CANON: Official
FANON: The non-official canon that is agreed upon by fans. For example, Master Chief loving Cortana would be Fanon.
HEADCANON: Used to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

What is Fireteam Havok?


Fireteam Havok: Fireteam Havok, sometimes referred to as Havok or Havok Team, is a special unit of the UNSC Special Warfare and Command Group 7 originally composed of Spartan IVs. Formed in 2553 during the start of the Spartan IV program, the were created for the sole purpose of going on suicide missions yet coming out alive. The four original members were handpicked from some of the best Spartan IVs that existed at the time, and they all excelled in their own unique abilities. The original lineup was this:

Crespo (Commander)
Liam (Scientific Warfare)
Harley (Sniper)
Bulma (Technology Specialist)

After a failed illegal high value target mission in late 2555, Commander Crespo was sentenced to death on behalf of Fireteam Havok, and for the the next 6 months they would be inactive by order of the UNSC and the Spartan command. In 2556 Spartan Sarah Palmer let them go back in the field as a reformed team with no leader, so they stayed as a group of 3. They were sent on missions of great importance despite the fact that they broke the law. A year later, Harley died due to an assassination by a human covenant extremist. Following her death, the group was disbanded and both Spartan Westervelt and Spartan Briefs went back to their original units. In early 2557, due to a ruling from Spartan Sarah Palmer and Spartan Jun, Fireteam Havok was to be revived for “upcoming projects regarding public safety.” 2 Spartans, Spartan Scott Macreo and Spartan Jonathan Frye joined the team, and made it four once again with Macreo being commander. In July 2557, Fireteam Havok is sent to Requiem along with blue team, only to be nearly wiped out by a large force of Promethean troops. Frye was KIA, and Macreo severely injured with all of blue team separated from them by the Promethean onslaught. Luckily, the 3 were able to escape with their lives, but wouldn’t be reactivated for 4 months once a new fourth member joined the team taking the position of commander, demoting Macreo to Heavy Weapons Specialist. This fourth member was Spartan Mikuo Hatsune, a very new Spartan made for purposes unknown to many, and the first member of the Spartan V program.

Current Lineup:

Hatsune (Commander)
Hatsune (AI)
Westervelt (Scientific Warfare)
Brief (Technology Specialist)
Macreo (HWS)

What is "The Adventures of Fireteam Havok"

A joint-fanfiction between me, Mikuo, and a good friend of mine named Liam. We have been writing fanfiction together for a while, and we have several others going on such as:
Pokemon Unlimited (Pokemon)
Dragon Ball Y (Dragon Ball)
Tokyo Ghoul: StargazeR (Tokyo Ghoul)

We make one based off just about every fandom we consider ourselves a part of.

The First 3 Chapters of Pokemon Unlimited have been released on my fanfiction account that you can find here: