The A.I. needs to be fixed

The A.I. in campaign is one of the worst A.I.'s I have seen. I can’t tell you how many times I went down and I watched vale or kelly or anyone just stand there looking at me. I push the assistance button and they still just stand there. But it doesn’t stop there. I have seen so many times one of the A.I. crouched facing a wall while I am in combat. I thought the marines in older halos were bad but this is worse. For a brand new game, these A.I.'s should be like playing with people not five year olds. Numerous times I have also died because the A.I. walked in front me while i was firing an explosive weapon or because they push me out of cover when my shields are recharging. Now I understand that making an A.I. is very difficult but if other game developers can do it than you can too. I love Halo and always have but the A.I. is just atrocious, please do something.
sincerely, A frustrated Halo fan

P.S. The energy sword is way to bright and hurts the eyes. I turned my brightness down but then I can’t see anything but the sword.

the healing thing is extremely bad when you are on top of something

The AI is the worst part of the game, everything else is great.

Agreed that is also very bad

A.I. is always bad in games. I am never surprised when they are bad.

So much this. It makes the game borderline unplayable for solo players.

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> A.I. is always bad in games. I am never surprised when they are bad.

the team in Ghost Recon were pretty amazing. you could give them commands they’d actually listen to, order them to line up shots on specific targets and wait for your signal and they’d NEVER alert enemies. I was really hoping this would be similar when I heard about the squad commands. i’d settle here for being able to give them individual orders by highlighting a Spartan and then giving the order instead of the entire team moving every time you try to tell one of them what to do.