The 85% Bloom Arena

What are your opinions on the new Arena with Title Update settings implemented? 85% Bloom on precision weapons feels great. Hopefully at a hyper competitive Onyx level, gameplay will now be more balanced than default Reach was as it had many flaws at that level. I did also notice that Default Reach Slayer is still an option to choose as well.

It still has Jetpacks.

What a useless change now they wont change the arena for another year.

> It still has Jetpacks.

Epic win in the first reply.

> It still has Jetpacks.

> It still has Jetpacks.

> It still has Jetpacks.

I feel the addition of the TU settings to Arena was only to tide us over until S11. In the meantime we should all still protest and complain about the Jetpack still being in Arena because it totally breaks high level gameplay. We could talk for hours about why that is but we don’t need to… Anyone who disagrees is misguided because they’ve clearly never played at high Onyx in Arena.

I am still in favour of jetpacks as pick ups though. It would keep the game from getting stale and then the jetpack would be treated like the ‘power’ weapon it is.

I love it :smiley: made me play arena again.
But i still hate jetpack…

It’s okay. I don’t really mind it. Just feels a little different.

IT WAS a useless change they might as well have changed it to 99% bloom. JEtpacks and bloom make all the TU update playlsits unplayable. 343 needs to be bold and make changes that actually change things.

> It still has Jetpacks.

> It still has Jetpacks and crouching tigers.


Love the TU settings in Arena. prays for removal of Jetpack in next season

Question… is Armor Lock in arena?

No, but Jet Pack still is, unfortunately.

So hardcore!!

Lose the jetpacks!!