The 7 Level event progression is gonna screw over later players

No there’s more weeks for it 7 total

During event weeks it will appear in your season progress menu between the battle pass and challenges. The Fracture: Tenrai Event Pass will be available for one week from Tuesday, November 23 at 10am PT until Monday, November 30 at 10am PT. However, unlike other events, Fracture: Tenrai will appear a total of six times throughout the season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to complete all 30 reward tiers of the Event Pass.

6 times the event will run this season, likely to have 7 challenges each time, for a total of 42 attempts at getting the 30 tiers. So anyone waiting for the Dec 8th launch should be fine.

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They removed FOMO from the battle pass and added in here

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So I was looking at my service record earlier and it said I had completed 7/16 event challenges. Has anyone tried swapping challenges to get more for the event?

This wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if it wasn’t for the fact that you can’t even earn both shoulder plates in the same week! Have to wait 3 events to get them both

There’s nothing to say that later weeks won’t have more event challenges, but as it stands, if you miss even a single week of the event, you won’t be able to complete the even i wish that ever weekly challeng would give you 1 tier from the event pass. That way dedicated players can get the rewards faster, and not so dedicated players can still get the rewards if they, say, missed a week. What if someone broke a finger? They would have to watch other people get all the rewards while they would be physically unable to.

I can’t even choose to do the event challanges, I have to progress through the weekly to get to the two remaining challenges. The progression is the pits

I’m curious if they plan to do 7 unlocks only every week, cuz we aren’t even half way thru this event yet and we gotta wait a whole month and a week until we can start again. Such a bad idea on 343.