The 7 Level event progression is gonna screw over later players

Having the event happen multiple times should be so that newer players can earn event skins that older players have, but the 7 levels per event just means that players who didn’t opt in for this “Beta” wont be able to earn everything. What about the people waiting for the December 8 release date.


I also don’t understand the cap on progress. If you have the time to complete everything in one week, great. If not, continue on to the next. Why make us wait, and others late to start, miss out?


The weekly unlocks have the same problem. The rotating store too. They seriously need to get rid of all FOMO practices.


Well the event is only returning 2 more times and 7 tiers each means even if you get every challenge during every event you can only get 21 out of the 30 tiers. Guess 343 aren’t to great at math


Apparently it’s 6 times this season but yeah the gating ain’t it.

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But what is the alternative? They want incentives for people to log on and play regularly. It’s a very large cornerstone to keeping a healthy population, maintaining concurrent players.

Binge gaming is great, I enjoy it. But it doesn’t help the game to play lots in single sessions. The aim is to get players to continue to return regularly. The whole progression system is designed around little and often.


Well I can only go based if what I see and that is what they have listed in the menu. None of it matters anyway since almost all the content for this “free” event is paywalled in the store

Well, they could throttle level gaining, like the battle pass does.

One option would be to create a separate event playlist where you gain a level after completing more and more challenges. Starting with one, but maybe by level 7 it’s 3. The more work it is, especially work that DOESN’T go towards the Battle Pass, the more people will have to choose how to split their time leveling. And it may not even be possible to complete in one week without swapping out the hardest challenges, but the ones who want to binge and grind and swap and put in the work to get it in a week should be able to, but everyone else should be able to get it in their own time.

Players should be rewarded for their time, especially for playing an event like this, no matter how much time they put in. You should get out of it what you put into it.

The progression system screws everybody at the moment.

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The system for progressing the event with a challenge per level is fine in my opinion. I’m curious about how they handle the levelling cap in relation to being able to unlock everything. Is missing out on a week simply missing out on 7 levels?

I guess the event will probably return more then 4 times and we’re all making fuss over nothing.

Yea the event is coming back about 5 or 6 times.

They be pullin a genhsin impact with content.

Yeah I agree actually a week 1, week 2, week 3 system would be better.

Late players can complete all challenges in later weeks, but early adopters can still play and complete them earlier on.

That still doesn’t promote concurrent players as much as the current system but it would be a less FOMO approach.

Sorry, isn’t that the same as the current system? I don’t understand what you mean with the separate weeks

Has it been confirmed that the event will be a maximum of 7 levels unlocked next time, or is that just speculation?

Hopefully, if all levels aren’t unlocked, then you can go up to level 14 from 0 (if 343 insist on only unlocking 7 levels at a time). Otherwise, yes, later players are definitely going to be screwed over.

These fracture events will be in circulation going forward.

Isn’t that a big crock given you can just buy levels with real money on the normal battle pass? How’s that’s incentivizing logging in each day? Give you caps and an arbitrary grind, but reward swiping a credit card?

Isn’t any video game progression system just an arbitrary grind?

Good developers don’t try to make it that obvious. Or, you know, bypass it with a credit card.

The way other games keep a consistent player base is by actually making players feel like they’re progressing.

In Apex legends I could complete all my weekly challenges in a day, but I would still feel like playing because per match XP was high enough/based on skill that I could still progress in the battle pass.

Halo however, doesn’t have a worthwhile XP per match system. So if you manage to complete all the weekly challenges in a day (despite some weekly challenges being so hard they’re begging you to buy and use challenge swaps on them), so even if you manage to beat all the weeklies in a day, there’s absolutely no reason to play again until next week.

So there is no incentive to play if you’ve beaten your weeklies.

Maybe they’re worried about players beating the battle pass and having nothing to do, well thats where “events” come in. Bring those players back in, or better yet… have a pool of customization options that a secondary leveling system OUTSIDE of any battle pass can be earned. Like Halo reach.