The 5 killing sprees fiesta challenge

First of all, I didn’t realize that after completing ALL of those weekly challenges that you still have yet one more challenge to complete to get the ultimate.

After having a generous week of receiving that free visor, 343 might have done us a HUGE favor this week of giving us the most annoying ultimate challenge to ever have. Getting 5 killing sprees in fiesta. What? Hello, I’m sorry, excuse me? Sure I’ll get all the “git gud” comments. I don’t really care, but what I do care about is how frustrating that challenge is.

You want everyone to be able to get 5 killing sprees with randomized weapons, expecting it to just be a piece of cake. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten 4 out of the 5 kills only to be disappointingly destroyed by rockets, or even worse, running out of ammo. No weapon spawns means you’re solely relying on picking up weapons from fallen Spartans. But oh wait, most of them disappear not long after death, so I’ll sit there and run around a map with no ammo for 4 minutes. So I either have to risk my death and hope a teammate can win a fight for me to get a weapon, or camp out until I can go all Jason Voorhees on someone and try and sneak a back smack.

This post is out of mere frustration as I like to think I’m actually pretty decent at this game, but after 2 nights of trying to finish this challenge, I’m getting more and more frustrated with the mode because of this. I love this game, I really do, I just hope the ultimate challenges in the future are not this much of a chore. Especially when it’s for one armor coating. All this frustration just to change the color of my spartan. Anyways, see you all out there in the field!


I just can’t even get one killing spree I the whole time since Fiesta went live I only gotten it twice. But your saying it has to be in one game? There no way a person of my skills can even hope to do that. What’s the hell 343.

No, not in one game haha. Just overall. It’s I finally got my 3rd one on my 3rd night of trying. Hoping to finish it off by the end of the night.


The Energy Sword is really your best bet with boosters or grapple.

But I agree, I wasn’t expecting to have to complete an additional challenge either. This one wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t very fun to complete.

Instead of this challenge based Battle Pass, I’d rather have a system like Reach for playtime that also rewards based on skill, like kills, objective play, etc.

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Yeah haven’t been able to get one yet and I have been play for 3 hours since I got it. I get tend to get two kills and then rocketed or snipped. I have rarely gotten 3 kills. On top of that I am not a very good player I tend to have the most deaths on my team and I hate doing PvP. I wish this was able to complete in any game mode. I have almost thrown or slammed down my xbox elite wireless series 2 Halo infinite limit edition because it has been so frustrating.

I think you’re missing the point of an Ultimate Challenge if you think they expect it to be a piece of cake to complete.

The point of it is to be the most challenging of the weekly challenges hence why you have to finish the others first.

My kd is trash and I’ve had no issues completing it in aless than a couple hours. Swords and hammers are your friends. Use vehicles as well. You can do it.


Yes, but there was just no indication there would be an ultimate challenge on top of all the challenges you had to complete already. I feel like since that is the case, they should have somewhere in text saying “make sure to complete all weekly challenges to unlock the ultimate challenge this week!” Just something as simple as that, and if that’s advertised as such, then I apparently missed that.

Also, yes, I know that it’s supposed to be challenging and that using the phrase “a piece of cake” was a bad phrase to say.

However I have completed the challenge, I must have had a bad couple nights because I finished the last 3 killing sprees 20 minutes after I posted this lol


The issue has nothing to do it with it not being easy. it has to do with making it being a challenge in a game mode that many people don’t even find enjoyable. Games are meant to be something that are at the very least fun. Forcing the weekly challenge into a game mode that many don’t even want to play is completely idiotic.

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No one is forcing you to complete the challenges. Just play and have fun then. If you want the shader and the additional xp, do the grind. If you don’t, then shrug it off and move on.

If your actual problem is the limited ways of gaining xp to progress in the game, I can agree with that 100%. There should be numerous permenant challenges to complete in addition to the weekly challenges as well as xp awarded for game performance.

Hope you get it finished bro.

No, my problem is the weekly challenges should include ways to complete them without playing a mode like Fiesta. Make it really challenging and a grind. I love it. However have that challenge be able to be done within at least close to standard style Halo. Good for you that you don’t care but plenty do. Fiesta is the current event and already has it’s own unlock path with things that can only be unlocked via playing Fiesta. That should be enough of “forcing” Fiesta on players. It doesn’t also need to be tied into the Weekly Challenges as a second way to push it. I’m already supporting the game with a Premium BP purchase, I don’t like it and I’m here to give my feedback on it like others. I’m not going to brush it off and act like I’m fine with it. 343 seems willing to listen to feedback and adjust. If not I can brush the game off and take my time and money to go play something else.


What’s even better is that frenzies don’t count. Which doesn’t make sense because you just went on another 5 kill kill streak but whatever.

I believe it quite literally said just that. When you go to your challenge screen and view the daily and weekly’s, there’s a big purple box to the right that says ultimate challenge.

Selecting it brings up a message telling you that, once you complete the weekly’s, that weeks ultimate challenge will be available for you to attempt. That was my experience anyway.

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Glad I’m not alone in thinking this. After getting all the other challenges completed, I found this hidden Ultimate challenge to be an absolute joke.

How are you supposed to get a spree with randomised weapons? I’ve played several hours with this challenge to do and it’s just not worth it.

This would be better suited as a Ranked Game challenge where you didn’t have randomised weapons.

In any case, I’m not going to bother anymore. It sucked the fun out fiesta instantly


Talked about this before and I managed to complete all the challenges and all I can say is never again 343. I have way more fun playing the way I want and that challenge had me camping with a sword/hammer just to get 5 kills in a row. It’s not just me challenges make everyone play the game in certain ways just for challenges. People don’t play the objective and ruin the game for others just so they can get a challenge done.

The best way was to combine Halo Reach and the MCC with the challenges. Never have any challenge based on sheer luck to complete. Have challenges that are tested out and not thought only. The worst I’ve had was get 3 kills while holding the oddball. I got it in one game and it was because of luck and luck alone.

343 need to take as much feedback as they can about challenges how they affect gameplay, how we level the pass and if they can be completed in a way that doesn’t need luck.

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I managed it with vehicles on the two maps that spawn them. Went full Ham Sandwich with a Scorpion.

Warning though: 5/10/15 all only count as a single streak. better to just get the five and die, hope you get another 5 streak.


Took me 4 matches to get 5 killing sprees

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