Sorry, for all caps, if that isn’t allowed here, let me know. I just want to make sure that everyone sees it. If it is not allowed, I will happily remove it.

The forums are becoming cluttered, and nearly every thread is a complaint about Reach or a wishlist for Halo 4 or Halo Wars 2. So, if possible, would everyone be able to post their suggestions/complaints here, so that the we can continue regular conversations with ease without the being pushed back 2 pages by complaints.

Thank you, and Keep it Clean.

I dont know yet what htey could or would do, but to be honest. Its forge and custom games that kept halo 3 alive and barely keeping reach alive, armor abailities just goes to show that bungie just wants to be like every other video game. Realism also shows that. I think that 343 should strategically put maps in and out of there next game, like in h reach, bungie gave us forgeworld and barely any map is forgeable. They should have just gave us forge world about now and leave us with other foregable maps so we can start out clean with new ideas.

Main word of advice, bungie gave us armor abilities (perks), if i wanted halo to be like other video games, i would play other video games. Halo lost its unique game to reach when they made things realistic and badass, and added realism like bloom. I dont want badass i want epic, badass is black ops becuase the game is not fun, the custscenes are amazing. So are reach but what happened to halo 3 being a freggin tip of the spear cutscene, in a campiagn game. Heres the list of games based on numerous peoples discussions throughout halo 2, to 3-

Multiplayer Wise,(doesnt have to be online)

  1. Halo 3

  2. Halo 2

  3. Halo wars

  4. Halo ce

  5. Halo Reach

  6. Halo wars

Campaign wise.

  1. Halo 3 (trust me, it was epic and people played it to this day, ive heard this from players at the time)

  2. Halo Ce (people still play this and its pretty awsome, just not epic. Still, the greatest camapign game till 07)

  3. Halo 2 (great and all, most of it was fun, the only downer is that not all were great)

  4. Halo wars (people didnt like it becuase of the rts, but it had its epic time, i loved it )

  5. Halo Reach (alright, didnt have that touch it was all dark and slow, just realsitic, and i hate realistic in video games).

  6. Halo 3 odst (now u see the stupid pattern people put on halo games getting worse, this was great for me, other hated it.)

I agree with everything in this thread, and I wont pretend to know how to develop a game but I will say that in their next game I hope they will take both the competitive and casual crowd into account when developing the gameplay. Halo’s core gameplay in CE,2 and 3 had a good taste of that. They had it so the casuals had a fun sandbox to play around with, and at the same time the competitive crowd didn’t have to suffer like we did with the poor implementation of all the new gameplay features in Reach.