The 3 Barren Kingdoms: Achilles Merc Recruitment

If you are looking for a good place to chat, have fun, and grind for Achilles, then look no further! The 3 Barren Kingdoms is a company that specializes in two things, grinding and having good times. We like to play lots of Legendary Warzone Firefight, which we tend to win quite often, and some other game modes as well. We only have a like one or two adults; most of us are still in school, so we do not have a certain play time or quota like other companies, making us one of the more relaxed group of players out there. If you wish to join just for Achilles, you will be considered part of our new “Mercenary Squadron”, a separate branch of T3BK, but you will absolutely be allowed to play with others in the company(no duh, that’s what they’re for). However, if you wish to join the company for real, we will accept you at any time! Check out our company page if you are interested, and contact our leader Hekok if you would wish to join. We’ll see you there Spartans, and good luck!