The 2nd Flight Feels Like a Step Backwards

Title pretty much sums it all up. I went from having a great time with the first Flight and being eager to try out the second, to being extremely disappointed and on the verge of uninstalling the Flight after about 20 matches of PVP.

First the good: PC performance (at least for me) is much better. For reference my specs are: Ryzen 3600X, RTX 2070 Super, 16GB RAM, running at 1440p. Whereas the first Flight struggled to achieve 70fps on low presets, I’m now able to get about 90-100fps on medium presets. Unfortunately that’s about where the positives end.

Let’s start with the biggest issue I have; spawns. This wasn’t an issue I noticed during the first Flight, and I assume that a lot of the new issues are due to switching from AI bots to facing human players. AI bots are predictable, whereas people are not. This led to a lot of instances (particularly on Recharge and Live Fire) of spawning directly in front of, or in line of sight of enemy players. I had multiple instances across different games of being spawn killed back to back. Unlike in Halo 5, sprint is not the issue. The game just doesn’t seem to have a good algorithm of tracking where potential spawns are vs enemy player location. Hopefully this won’t be as big an issue once the larger BTB maps go up for preview, and at the very least Bazaar didn’t seem to have spawn issues.

My second biggest issue is one that’s already been discussed to depth but it’s the feel of aiming. I tried out both M&K keyboard and experimented with various sensitivity and look acceleration settings. I was never able to find one that felt comfortable. I’m sure with enough long term practice I could eventually adjust, but it’ll never happen within the time constraints of this Flight. Halo set the standards for FPS controls on consoles, and this is a game that should immediately feel comfortable to look and aim with even before customizing settings. It’s extremely disappointing that yet again 343 hasn’t been able to deliver smooth natural controller aim.

My next point of contention is a much easier fix; grenade spam. Please consider reducing the starting grenade count down to 1, or don’t spawn players with grenades at all. Right now every engagement is just a constant barrage of grenades, they feel less like a tactical tool and more of a primary weapon.

Melee attacks are also broken. The hit registration on melee attacks feels like flipping a coin, I’ve missed so many kills because a punch landed but didn’t register a hit.

I’m willing to give 343 the benefit of the doubt, and hope they can address my concerns before launch. But it’s extremely disheartening that I went from such a positive first experience to such a negative one within the span of one Flight. I wish the team the best of luck because I genuinely want to see them succeed and deliver a game that I can enjoy for years on end.