The 251st Now Recruiting!!

Are you a gamer looking for competent teammates? Sick of randoms constantly ruining your fun?

Do you resemble that of the big man (Master Chief) when compared to your War Game teammates?

We are your best bet into solving the above problems.

Who are we? We’re The 251st Regiment. We are a clan that has been going strong for over two years now, and we’re always looking for new members to join up with us! Halo 4 is our new and current main game that we play. Reach being the one preceding, and it will remain so for quite some time. We don’t ALWAYS limit ourselves to Halo, we also enjoy other mainstream games and debatebly XBL arcade games on the side to keep a little variety in our healthy gaming diet.

The 251st can best be described as a group of close friends who love to pwn on Xbox LIVE. No strict regulations, requirements, or uniforms. All we ask is that you try to be as active as possible both here on the forums and over Xbox Live, and to also be respectful to other members as they will return the favor. We’re rather laid back, and we’d like to establish a good reputation throughout the gaming world that way.

Our Initiative:

We, The 251st, strive to become one of the best gaming communities out there. Whenever you see us online, we’ll be winning games, making a name for ourselves, and most importantly having fun. You can help our cause by joining our ranks and becoming a part of our gaming regiment. The choice is yours whether you take that step or not; just know that if you choose not to join us, you may be missing out on a great opportunity. Please, take this offer into consideration if you want to join an incredible gaming community.

Rules and Regulations:

While The 251st does not wish to enforce many regulations, there are a few basic rules. Please abide by the following:

Be respectful. Trash-talking is fine, but keep it clean.
Keep the forums to a PG-13 rating. Cussing is acceptable, but no graphic / innapropriate images.
Wear the emblem when possible. The emblem is NOT mandatory, but it certainly is recommended. (Skull King toggled + Ball of Fire background.) - You may choose any color combination as you would like. Our recommendations are Silver+Steel or Black+Armor’s Secondary
Promotions are given at the discretion of officers and/or High Command, NOT by you asking for them. Chances for a promotion lessen if one is asked for.
Do not engage in any foreign relations with any other clan without permission from a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel.

I am a leader of a different clan, and I want to do a friendly clan battle. How do I request a challenge?
Head over to our Public forums and post your challenge there. A Colonel will contact you for further details. The 251st prefers MLG 4v4, but we are open for negotiation.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not participate in “Clan Wars.” We’re here for gaming, not for your stupid roleplaying drama.

  • The 251st Regiment (Currently undefeated, if interested in a clan battle, PM Harrythechin, I Spinks Jinx I, or I Eradicator I via XBL)