The 2016 Player Finder Thread (Post your Bio!)

Hey all,

Since most of the threads on this topic are horrendously outdated, I’m trying to make a new one.

If you want your gamertag posted on the list, just reply with it and what playlists you’re down for, if you like customs/which ones, your relative skill level (it’s ok if you’re not the greatest) and maybe a little bit about yourself. Bonus points if you have any/all DLC!

My gamertag is A Swanky Lemon. I’m getting back into Xbox 360 Halo 4 after being away for about 6 months. Not tryna be cocky, but I’m really good. 2.3 KD, a few CSR50s, but I don’t mind playing with average skill players (as long as you don’t completely suck and go hugely negative each game. Average -3 is ok, average -10 is not. I’m into hitting clips, and my favorite playlists are Heavies, Team Objective, Snipers, Team Slayer, and Action Sack. I love playing uncommon forge maps in MM and DLC maps! I’m a fun guy but I rarely play with a mic. I’m down to shoot messages back and forth between games tho.

<em>THE LIST</em>

A Swanky Lemon - 2.3KD, Team Objective, Heavies, Action Sack, Team Slayer, Snipers, customs, occasional Grifball, has DLC

vl L3GEND lv - BTB, SWAT, Action Sack, Team OBJ preferred, but will play anything. Has DLC

GrungyStraw - SWAT, but anything really

WarfareKiller41- loves customs, open for anything

Rhakee- Team Slayer, SWAT, Flood, Grifball. Has DLC

Ako Bog Da- decent player, feel free to add.

John Leonidas - boosting weapon commendations, has 4 controllers


OmniProVictoria - not great player, Has DLC

Peculiar Angel- Grifball, 2.0+ KD, Has DLC

MrCuddleBear69 - BTB, Grifball, open to any though, not terribly skilled.

Acstaight - commendation boosting, achievement hunting, SWAT, Team Slayer, Grifball, BTB

xXAPOLLOOMEGAXX - down for anything, Has DLC

theslizziest - Heavies, CTF, 1.8KD, very tactical player

fastfeet - streams, message if list is full and he’ll add you :slight_smile:

H0CKEY LEG3ND22 - SWAT, BTB, Heavies, Team Slayer, Team Objective if population is high enough.

Denal111 - BTB, Heavies, Slayer, Flood, Team OBJ, Has DLC

omar kasamoto - DLC achievement boosting

Sounds like fun, I’m down! I’m SR 130 (not that is really much of an accomplishment) and I can play on the Xbox 360 or on the master chief collection. I’m pretty skilled, a bit above average I guess. I haven’t played Halo 4 in quite a while, but it would be nice to get back into. My favorite playlists are Big Team Battle, Swat, Action Sack, and anything objective based, but I’m totally fine playing any of Halo 4’s playlists. I also have a mic, but hardly ever talk, messages are also what I generally use for communication. Love playing custom games, as long as it isn’t assassinations. I’m a mix between a casual and competitive player. I want to do great, but have a fun time playing. I have all the DLC maps for Halo 4. I’m not sure what my KD is, it probably isn’t to great, I used to really suck at Halo 4. Shoot me a friend request man!

I’m Scarlet, got a -Yoink- looking kd that doesnt reflect my skill because I have a terrible habit of coming home from parties very drunk and deciding that playing halo is s a good idea (it isnt if you care about your kd) anyway I mostly play swat but I will play anything really. Feel free to add me.

Added you both and added you to the list up top :slight_smile: I feel you on drunk Halo lmao, not so easy. GrungyStraw do you have DLC?

WarfareKiller41. I’ve never quit Halo 4, I love to play custom games in Halo 4. I’m a very good player as well, I love all the playlists!. I’m on my way to the max rank! I mainly want everyone to have fun! But sadly, I have no DLC maps.

Awesome! Rhakee. I usually play anything. Lately I have been playing a lot of Slayer, SWAT, and Flood. I really want to try Grifball tho… and I have the DLCs!

My gamer tag is ‘Ako Bog Da’. I got back into Halo recently after not playing much (old account was lost). I am a decent player, usually go positive. I just play for fun, though. Feel free to add me. :slight_smile:

  1. What would people think about a custom game night?

  2. If you haven’t yet specified, do you have DLC?

Feel free to add me anytime: GT: A Swanky Lemon

Bump for great justice. Post post post!

My gamertag’s JAMESGGS310.

Looking for anyone who want play halo 4 (360) with me for weapon commendations. I have 4 extra controllers to help out getting lobbies started. So if you want weapons commendation lobbies just send me message to my Gamertags: John Leonidas and i will send you invite to my party to join. :slight_smile:

Have nice day.

New but not completely helpless, willing to balance out teams with another low rank player. I’m playing spartanops to practice the basics, maybe in a couple months I can promise a -3.

I have all the maps.

Pulling a 1.4-6 K/D in halo 4, however I stopped playing it after I went back to reach. I’ve become more competitive, pulling more positives in Halo, especially in Reach grifball. Sporting a 2.2-2.5 K/D on my newest account. Most players who claim to be mlg hated me for some reason in grifball, however once I played them in reach they got obliterated.


Hey guys, I’m MrCuddleBear69, huge Sci-fi fan. I’m 15 years old and a nice guy. I like playing BTB, Grifball, and open to any gamemode. I have a mic but don’t care if people don’t. Halo 4 was my first game for 360 back in 2013 so my K/D is .667 currently, but the past games I’ve been going average +5 since I revisited Halo 4, 2 weeks ago. If you guys wanna play just send me a message :smiley:


Hey guys my GT is acstaight. Long time Halo fan, but had to create a new GT when I left for college because I let my brother keep our old shared one. So I’m going through Halo games on the 360 to get achievements and stuff for fun. Lots of nostalgia coming back haha. Anyway I’m down for pretty much anything whether it be commendation boosting, legendary spartan ops, legendary campaign, achievements, etc. My favorite playlists are SWAT, slayer, grifball and BTB. So yeah, feel free to add me. This goes for Halo 3 and ODST too if you wanna play those. Or any Halo on XBone. Thanks!

Added you guys to the list and I’ll add you to my friends list in a few days. Feel free to add me!

I’m SR11, playing on GOTY edition of Halo 4. GT is xXAPOLLOOMEGAXX.

Gamer tag- theslizziest. Usually playing halo 4 heavies , sometimes CTF. Spartan rank 130. K/D- 65395 kills, 34700 deaths, 2301 victories as of 30 March 2016. Former army national guard officer IRL, excellent strategist and tactician. Will NOT accept rank below SGT given skill/ exp level if joining a clan.

I’m glad there still some players who want to stick around on Halo 4 as I soooo can’t get on board with 5 and personally think 4 is a better game anyways. I play multiplayer on 4 regularly and I’m SR130 - as we all know that doesn’t make me good necessarily but still I’m not too bad and can still kick a butt when needed.

I think I’m one of the last few people who actually stream Halo 4 on Twitch too. I have a some regulars who play and/or watch every week - we don’t do any serious stuff just kick back and have fun with whatever games we end up doing whether it’s matchmaking or customs.

My tag is fastfeet if you wanna add me - but I’m always adding new Halo 4 players so they list is always rotating/gets full so just let me know if the list is full so I can add you. If you wanna join us to watch or play on Twitch I stream 10PM (GMT) onwards on Fridays and Saturdays here -

I may try adding some of the guys already on the list and perhaps we can kick some butt together! Keep playing Halo 4!!! >: D