The 2 biggest request for HW2 that I can think of.

  1. Adding a morale system.

Yep seems kind of stupid to say that’s the biggest thing abut after playing total war for literally decades I feel like every RTS needs something like this. The execution would of course be different since TW battles are the exact opposite on the RTS spectrum as HW2. But let me give an example.

A marine squad has high morale. They’re a core unit and the troops know that they’re be in the thick of it so they’re very unlikely to retreat unless something traumatic happens. Getting kills wouldn’t raise a units level BUT their morale making so they’d falter almost never and since they feel more then comfortable on the battlefield they’d preform much better.

Then let’s say a grunts squad comes up. Obviously they’d have low morale and the moment anything bad happens like, they get flanked the unit will panic. How would this be balanced someone might ask. Well like in total war units who panic morale are typically dirt cheap since they weren’t trained to deal with those kinds of situations. You could also give the acting grunt squad leader Brute or Elite a type of forced morale raising ability.

A morale system works extremely well for Halo because you see the enemy inspire each other and cower at your onslaught in the FPS. My most favorite moment of this was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in 2002 when I was playing Halo with my father on the second mission. At the first Bumblebee you come across we killed a dropships elite major and minor and the grunts went crazy. My father thought they we’re running for cover but until he heard the grunts “crying” screaming “HE’S EVERYWHERE’ HE’S EVERYWHERE” did he nearly piss himself laughing. For me the enemies morale is a big thing in Halo as it goes on through out each game. Thought it has weened with Halo 4 and 5 since the Prometheans don’t give a damn about the others morale the covenant still will break ranks.

The sheer presence of some units could also raise and lower the morale of others. I.E. Vultures, Scarabs, Spartans and Covenant Leadership.

While I do believe it an idea like this is too late for Halo Wars 2. I’d love to see it in a future title.

  1. Being able to showcase and remember your greatest units.

Something that I’ve seen happen alot in RTS games is the one unit who just won’t quit. I’ve had Rangers of Gondor fight a dozen cave troops, I’ve had Roman centurions hold the city gates from an army of barbarians that I thought was unbeatable and I’ve even had a suicide grunts squad from Halo Wars 1 with veterancy? I DON’T KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED! Those grunts wanted those 72 virgins.

The sad thing about these units is that I can’t give these troops the proper send off that they deserve. If there was a type of mechanic where you could log your best units and give them some sort of grave site (if they died) or still image I’d be more then great for it’s inclusion into HW 2 especially since again in Halo this is a series with a long list of heros. There are those like Master Chief who’re living legends and those like Captain Keyes, Miranda and Johnson.

Wouldn’t you love to have an image of your best unit every stapled on your front screen every time you logged in? The unit who saved a game for you who you got to name and showcase here on Halo to everyone of those brave soldiers going beyond the expectations of a grunt squad.

That’s just my two wishes right there.

A morale system and a way to remember the heros of my greatest battles. Thought the first might change the game entirely the second is merely to pay respects.