The 152 coating is not the one we were shown, or does not work correctly, and the fact it is limited to just 3 weapons, with no vehicles, makes reaching 152 feel like a waste of time

Hi so Im one of many people who got to SR 152 in Halo 5, I was extremely excited to try out the coating showed last december in the infinite post but as soon as I loaded in I met a not so great surprise, the silver white was replaced for a basic iron and was all dirty, meanwhile payed HCS coatings did remain clean and without this weird darkening of the colors. What do I mean by the darkening you might ask? When you put a coating in the armors rn they become darkened and are bearly noticeable, though weapons did retain the actual silver white colors with the watchdogs coating.
Oh but thats not it, remember the weapon coatings, its only for three!!! Why beyond just making it so it will push people to buy other coatings was this decision made. To add to this the one thing I was hoping for that was indeed not mentioned but was a L on my book were not a single vehicle coating.
I hope someone at 343 sees this, if not for anything else, to let them know that this makes the grind feel almost not worth it, with my 1 wish at least, to get the coating that we were promised last December.


I will say, I was expecting the armor to be at least a bit more shiny like the HCS skins.


Agreed, you can compare the current one with the previous ones shown in December last year, the base pallet appears to be fine but all coatings except for HCS look bad rn because of this weird darkening and dirt effect.
I know this as the very few weapons coating do look as Id hope.

Hopefully there’s some sort of update December 8th bc right now I feel pretty catfished. For what it’s worth, I’m really liking the weapon skins.


Agreed, if for anything the few weapon coatings look fantastic.


If you reached 152 for a skin you did it for all the wrong reasons.

So try and focus on the positives. Not many people accomplished what you did and I bet you have a lot of fun times to think back on.


Don’t forget that they didn’t give us the red visor with the coating too which is lame since it’s a red,white and black color scheme


I didnt expect a visor but the coating for the armor is something that should be fixed, with maybe a few more weapon coatings?
At most Id say maybe a vehicle coating would too be ok.


Yeah but when we seen watchdog the first time it very distinctly showed off the red visor and that got me excited but it comes out and doesn’t have a visor to go with it.

I find that very lame


For me, the honor and that Mantle emblem (Halo 5) was and still is sufficient to justify the time that I spend grinding towards SR152 in Halo 5. Everything else like the 3 Weapon Coatings, the Armor Coatings in Halo Infinite and the Service Award on Halo Waypoint are just a nice bonus in my eyes and nothing that would single handedly justify the grind (or journey).

Thousands achieved it, many of which did it for the skins. There’s nothing wrong with taking on a challenge to earn something. Completionists get satisfaction out of that.


I agree that the skin doesn’t represent what was shown so can imagine that frustration. And I really hope they will give it an update.

However the “waste of time” was inevitable taking into account the amount of customisation the game will offer and the chance you will actually use it long term. For me it was clear as day not worth putting time towards just because there would probably be a skin I fancied more anyway and I’m not a completionist.

Just see it as the collectors item that it is and be proud you are one of the few that has it.


152 = how many hours ? A skin is not worth that. Real reason to do 152. To enjoy a game you love. Which is the best value - priceless. Don’t be misguided by substituting something you love and placing it into something that’s worthless.

I don’t have an opinion in the matter related to the Watchdog skin as the main reason behind that I reached the final rank was the rank itself. All of the rewards instead in my eyes just a nice bonus similar to the Mantle emblem. The true reward has instead been the final rank icon and a maxed progress bar.

Surely reaching SR152 wasn’t a waste of time as you didn’t do it for an armour colour in this game.

That said, it’s a tremendous achievement showing dedication and should be rewarded with a colour scheme that is nice and shiny, not a dull one as you say.

I was just in a party chat with some friends that have it, and they’re also irritated, because the original screenshots looked like black, chrome, and ruby shiny armor, and in game, it looks like matte plastic. They felt scammed.


Yeah there are a few threads about it. Weapons good, armor is a flat out crap and borders into deceiving territory.

The armor needs a rework and the coating should be available for all weapons and vehicles.


Everyone here seems to be like “the skin shouldn’t matter, you should have got max rank because you loved the game”…

Um, no. I was 146 when they announced the reward (with no motivation to go for 152 at the time). I saw the armour coating and thought damn, THAT looks cool - so I grinded for 3 and a half months (putting in between 6-8 hours every day, near enough) Also spent £60 on legendary XP boosts to make the final level go that little bit quicker.

So when I’ve gone through that, only to get something that looks terrible compared to what I was told I was going to get, yeah, I’m absolutely gutted. Don’t get me wrong, the gun coatings look amazing, I love those… but the actual armour itself looks complete trash. White and red have always been my spartan colours, so I was banking on getting this skin and then using it indefinitely - which makes it sting all that more.

Please just revert it back to how it should have been… it’s almost like they don’t want me to wear it, and want me to spend money on the store ones.


I couldn’t agree more with you. I grinded til like 150 when the reward was announced so I grinderdeven more to achieve it. Ppl really don’t understand how much time and effort reaching 152. I totally forgot how much money I spent on the xp boosts but it wasn’t cheap I’ll tell you that.

I knew we were going to get a reward but why couldn’t we have gotten what they first showed off (with the red visor) and stuff to show off the 152 grind like a custom nameplate & emblem too.

Why couldn’t they reward us for continuing to keep their game alive and for the amount of money we spent on halo 5. I assure that in boosts alone it’s more expensive than all the infinite hcs skins combined.

I’d say it definitely left a sore taste in my mouth knowing that we were kinda an afterthought and that we just aren’t important for all of our time and money


You can tell a little it is meant to have a silver finish but it is slightly to dark and not shiny enough. I agree

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