The 12 days of Halo Christmas🎄

It’s 12 days til Christmas! I mean Halo Infinite’s campaign!

So, how bout some Halo versions of The 12 days of Christmas?

On the 12th day of Christmas Master Chief sent to me: 12 Fusion coils, 11 Clips of ammo, 10 SPNKr rockets, 9 Overshields, 8 blocks of Octa, 7 Falcons flying, 6 Jackals sniping, 5 Halo Ringsss, 4 Moa burgers, 3 Gauss Hogs, 2 frag grenades, and a suit of Mjolnir with my number on it.

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I finally have an excuse to share this legendary video from over a decade ago. (★‿★)

12 Days of Halo Christmas -


Let me guess, that’s your video?! Those colors look expensive.

Not mine, but I return to the video every year around this time, I get so much Halo nostalgia from it when I view it, that’s probably a little weird. (╹ڡ╹ )

Maybe a little but it’s Halo so it’s understandable. I wonder if you being the only one to reply is an indication that this is a weird post. Lol