The 101st Ranger Regiment “Always Forward!” [XB1]

101st Ranger Regiment

The 101st Ranger Regiment is a Military-Based Halo: Reach Clan. We operate exclusively on Halo:Reach (MCC) on Xbox One. We are currently actively recruiting new members. We have many opportunities for motivated recruits if they want to excel. We are not a Competitive / MLG/ HCS clan. We are also primarily based in the US CST Timezone.

We do require each new recruit to complete a basic introduction to the unit and a basic training course. This Basic Training helps to establish the basis upon which we, as a unit, operate.Our unit is divided into three primary branches.

Ground Warfare: The mainline infantry unit of the 101st. Highly capable soldiers who excel in infantry combat.

Aviation : Support Branch dedicated to providing air cover and transport to the troops of the Ground Warfare and Special Warfare Divisions. These personnel are expected to be extremely competent aviators.

Special Warfare: Composed of several highly specialized squads of 4 members each, these soldiers carry our special missions alongside conventional forces during clan battles / Matches.The skills of these units range widely from being highly mobile airborne soldiers, to being skilled tacticians, or masters of a specific task. This branch is not open to enlistees, but selects its members from new applicants, and existing members.

Membership Requirements:
Age: 15+ (Our primary age-base is 18-25, but we are open to accepting younger players so long as they are dedicated and mature.)
Microphone Required
Halo: Reach (MCC) Installed
Xbox Live Gold

If you would like to join the 101st R.R., you can join us on Discord - 12th Marine Division

Thank you for your time and interest. If you would like to join message Aegis#8007 on Xbox Live, or comment on this thread below.