The 1 Stat missing: team DAMAGE/Opponent assist

You have stats for betrayals, but those only include when COMPLETELY killed by a teammate. There are plenty of betrayers out there who just take a shot or two, or take the last shot and never get the negative credit they deserve. There are some really bad players whose stats look decent, but they don’t credit for being the “nade chuckers” they are when hiding behind, then throwing too close to their teammates. There are players who have ranks, (have played at least ten games), yet still don’t know or don’t care that they cause damage to teammates when shooting through them. These players have earned their negative reporting (unsporting players), but we just don’t get the data to prove it…

Would it be that difficult to include all of the PARTIAL DAMAGE received by a teammate that resulted in a death, and count it towards the bad teammate? Either way as in damage points committed towards your team (that resulted in kills or not), or as a “opponent assist”

To add to this, maybe they could make it so that doing x damage to one teammate gives the option to boot, rather than 2 betrayals.
After all, if a teammate take down your shields, and an enemy headshots you, the teammate gets in no trouble whatsoever.