The #1 Gameplay Issue for Infinite has got to be the Sound (or lack thereof) for Spartans

I think this goes above Radar/weapon balancing/spawns etc. because it not only affects all of those, but seems like it could either outright be a bug or oversight by 343. But the issue is this;

Instead of sounding like 2-ton super soldiers and all the noise that would entail, instead it seems like every single person is running around with Dead Silence and Ninja permanently equipped.

I thought I had been having issues with it since the Flights and the start of the Beta, but last night I decided to really sit down and listen to see what kind of audio cues and sounds the players give off in a multiplayer match.

I did this using a set of Astro A50s, the new version they made for Xbox One X and Series S/X that I normally use when gaming, as well as raw TV sound to compare. In games like Siege and CoD I can hear you moving, reloading and doing stuff from 3 rooms down. In a game like HUNT? I can hear you change your mind from across the Bayou.

But after last night? The sound in Infinite’s MP is severely lacking. Guns and weapons sound great (mostly), but SPARTANs are basically silent no matter what they are doing. You can full-haul sprint up right behind someone and not hear them until they’re in melee range, if at all. Someone can clamber right next to you with no audio cues. The biggest thing that gives you situational awareness in an FPS - sounds of movement - is almost wholly absent it seems from players.

Its so absent I feel like it might be a bug of some kind.